As a nation and world we were all struck by the sudden passing of Basketball Legend All-Star MVP for the generation Kobe Bryant. His sudden death and the tragic death of his daughter and the other seven persons on board the helicopter that crashed the morning of January 26, 2020 was heart wrenching. While the gravity of Kobe’s death, his daughter Gigi, and the seven others is incredibly untimely and jolting to the human spirit, it calls into question the journey that we are each carrying out through our day to day lives. If any one of us were to pass on at any given moment, it will only be the choices and groundwork we laid before our passing that counts. All that will matter is what we did, not what we hoped to do. All that would be known is what our journeys had allowed us to accomplish, not anything more or anything less.

I now ask an important question, are you living your life on purpose? Are you? Are you making choices each and every day that reflect the legacy you want to leave behind if you were no longer here? That is one of your life’s most important questions. The answer is equally important. If you determine you are leaving purposeful things undone or that you have yet to discover your purpose altogether, I admonish you to get to the important business of figuring that out. 


How do find your purpose? You must take the time to sit within the stillness of yourself and allow the answer to come to you. This answer may show up in a flash or it may be clarified over time through ongoing revelation. It is important to be honest with yourself about the answer that is impressed upon your heart. More than all else, you must look at ways you can live that purpose out in each moment. You mustn’t spend your entire life waiting for the "better" moment to get started, because often time that moment never comes. 




Family, I encourage you to live in the present. Wherever you are, be there. Take that in. Give your all to whatever is in front of you. Observing Kobe’s legacy we know that being an amazing husband and father was of utmost priority, not just being a great basketball player. His lasting legacy is one of basketball, excellence and showing up for his family.




In honor of the life of Kobe Bryant, Never 2 Fly 2 Pray released a Tribune collection. We also honor his daughter Gigi and the 7 others that tragically lost their lives. 




Remember to live on purpose! Don’t let life's moments pass you by. By doing so you will undoubtedly leave a legacy that matches the divine life purpose God clarified in your heart. In doing so you will meet an eternal peace as you walk out each step of the purposeful journey for which you were called.



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