When you think of Never 2 Fly 2 Pray, by now you may think of our classic logo and the prayer message associated. If you have encountered any of the prayer content by my hubby, Jeffrey Lee, then you may have heard him say the phrase, “did you thank God for waking you up”? Even that message has evolved from a catchy encouragement, to a reminder you can see revealed in our variety of shirt designs. Point being, as a brand, we have evolved. The ways, means and tools God has inspired us to bring forward the message of this brand, has evolved as well. In the the above image I am wearing our HIGH ART Tee — currently available in our online shop HERE The art is our signature logo featuring my custom digital art. Full transparency, the art came to me in a vision. The vision itself is one thing, but the timing of the vision marks a time for which, we as a brand began a very God-inspired level-up. This level-up called for a series of changes that have been underway for months. Some of these changes are reflective through observation. Others, cannot be discerned from the naked eye. We have always been a brand centered around the power of prayer, but this season we are even more mindfully aligned to the divine guidance that inspires the steps we are being shown to take. Be clear, some of these steps are outside of the realm of conventional wisdom. But, it wouldn’t be faith if it all made sense. For us, this season is all about faith and works. It is not enough to wear the the shirts, it about living the message. As a brand, we are moving with clarity of vision and the kind of purpose one finds when you step back and let Spirit take the wheel. What’s next? We’re really excited! So, stay tuned. We appreciate you rolling with us thus far and are looking forward to whats up ahead. With God’s guidance, we know the best is yet to come! WE LOVE YOU!


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