In times of challenge we must look at the opportunity that exists in each moment for growth, restoration, and transformation. Within this time of pandemic there are many devastating realities that have surfaced. However, as with most all adversity, within it lies a seed of hope and opportunity. For our family, this has been a time to refocus and bind together all the more. It has also been a time to prioritize our inner and outer health and healing. We are being all the more thoughtful about what we consume and we are finding new ways to connect with those we love, with social-distancing measure in place. One of the more beautiful things that have come forward as a result of this time, is the time spent with our five year old daughter. She recently designed a series of hats during an at home family art project, that are now available for purchase at never2fly2pray.com. Our daughter brought her creativity and free-spirit to the project. Each colorful hat has its own vibe and energy. We are very excited about this release and even more excited to under-gird the coming generation in a time when we are being offered the chance to appreciate the gifts we have been given, when it is easy to focus on what may be lost. We are so proud of our daughter and want to admonish us all to find new ways to create joy, love and happiness during this pandemic. In doing so, we may find that not only time has passed, many of the dark clouds lifted, but we may also find ourselves and our loved ones more uplifted by the love, support, and attention we granted them during a time when they needed it the most.

Elle B.

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