One may wonder or think what does love have to do with a brand like Never 2 Fly 2 Pray, but I would like to give this notion context. The will to love is the determination and conviction one holds to demonstrate love and compassion to another even within the most inconvenient of circumstances. The will to love is a position and state of being one is fixed within regardless of the realities that surround it. Ultimately, the will to love is the very love that GOD shows us by accepting us freely in all of our humanness. GOD accepting us as we are and deciding to offer us life more abundantly through the sacrifice of GOD’s own Son is the ultimate demonstration of the will to love. I want to draw a parallel by emphasizing that whatever lays at the heart of a thing (a person, a brand, etc.) is what empowers that “thing” to stand against any counter-narratives or opposition. What lays at the heart of the Never 2 Fly 2 Pray brand is the will to share the love and light of GOD. This will is fixed within the heart of the founder and the team. We are fixed in this mentality regardless of the most popular trends or some aspects of the culture that may be in-congruent with our position. We have decided to put the message of the power of prayer, which is ultimately a message about building relationship with GOD, at the forefront of our company focus. This means that we will be fixed in that position and place emphasis on this notion without condition. We released a Did You Thank God for Waking You Up? collection inspired by our founder Jeffrey Lee. We make sure that whether we are doing a pop-up for the brand or meeting people in our day to day lives, we are making an effort to ensure  that message is at the forefront of our actions and words.

Allow me now to put at the forefront of your mind, who you want to be and what you want to be the jumping off point of your heart. Once you decide this, fix yourself there and allow this to be the position from which all of your actions and behaviors derive. Personally, I woke up today with a conviction in my heart to be the person I desire to be and to show the love I desire to show regardless of what I may experience from another. While this is a journey of ongoing growth and development for us all, making a decision about who you want to be is the first step towards any lasting change. May GOD bless you as you make your own efforts to be more of who you want to be and who GOD would have you to be.


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