Did You Thank GOD For Waking You Up?

Did You Thank GOD For Waking You Up?

If you have been privy to any of Never 2 Fly 2 Pray's most recent clothing releases than you have grown familiar with the phrase Did you thank GOD for waking you up? Our founder Jeffrey Lee coined the original phrase and incorporates it into the close of his online inspirational videos. Perhaps seemingly unrelated, one of the most common questions I am asked since becoming a pastor is “how do you pray?” It seems that the notion of coming to GOD has become ever so daunting and the pressure to sound a certain way when you pray or the concern about coming to GOD the “right way” can be an issue even when praying in private. The eloquence for which we hear various pastors and spiritual leaders pray has in some ways set a precedence for what one thinks one must sound like or what an individual believes GOD expects of them when they come to GOD through prayer. The truth is, however, the notion of “coming as you are” doesn’t just apply to the clothing one wears when entering the church house. It applies to the manner in which we are able to come to GOD even when we pray. Yes GOD is almighty and ought to be revered as such. But what we all deserve to know and understand is, above all else GOD desire to have deep and intimate relationship with us. GOD desires the kind of relational intimacy that is greater than the closest of fiends. What does that have to do with Did you thank a god for waking you up? It kind of has everything to do with it. If you are having trouble knowing exactly where to start when talking to GOD or how to begin building the kind of intimacy with GOD consistent with that of a very beat fiend, then I recommend you begin by simply thanking GOD for waking you up. It is a message of gratitude and it the jumping off point for all connection. I can assure you that GOD is sure to meet you right there and before you know it you have built the type of life-sustaining, close connection with One that will never let you down. I love you! May GOD continue to bless and keep you as you find healthy and intentional ways to grow closer to GOD. Be blessed!


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